Our most exquisite design masterpieces, evoking to the soul, faithful on-wrist

Mauritius' first watch company

AMALGAM Watches Co. creates luxury designer watches based on our client's needs, preference & taste. Each watch is designed & assembled uniquely by our skilled artisans. Our collections offer distinctive designer looks with a reasonable price tag.

“All watches tell time, some tell their stories, ours tell your story”

- Abdur-Raheem Hosany, Co-founder

Premium Signature Collection

Our most luxurious creations, a chef d'oeuvre in terms of individuality. Only one dial is manufactured. The collection includes past bespoke designs to inspire you. Some models are available for purchase.

Standard Collection

Experience the beauty of our watches, assembled as per your wrist size. Add a touch of uniqueness with our custom-made engraving service or Sterling Silver trinkets. The collection includes past designs for inspiration. Some models are available for purchase.

iWatch straps | AMALGAM Watches Co.

The AMALGAM Strap on an iWatch strikes a harmonious cord between functionality and aesthetics, creating a meaningful & personal connection with the wearer. The iWatch and our strap has the exact same finish, fine sandblasting. Our strap offers a sleek wrist look and complements

Royal Wristlet | AMALGAM Watches Co.

Our double-band unique bracelet design allows for a unique hand accessory that exudes you, as an individual. Engrave a special note on the clasp parts. The high quality parts used allows for robustness & resilience. Royal Wristlets are all custom-made.

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