We believe the quality of our work is best described by our impeccable customer experience. With over 4 & half years of existence, we have welcomed many souls to our boutique. Some knew exactly what they wanted, others came to us as blank slates but brimming with passion. In all cases, memories were made and meaningful masterpieces were created. Let our customers speak for us, you can find their reviews on Facebook link below:

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I buy a watch ?

  1. Go to 'Boutique | Shop Now' tab (Read through before clicking on the picture)

  2. Choose your watch style or royal wristlet.

  3. Browse through the designs until you find one that 'clicks' with you. The moment you saw the one, you'll love it. Secret-tip: That's how we do in our boutique, and it always works.

  4. Choose your wrist size and engraving package, if applicable. Changes will be made as per the provided wrist size; engravings can be added as per your customization choices. We will discuss your requirements online or in-person shop visit.

  5. Visualizations will be prepared and sent to you. Once you confirm the design, we'll proceed with the manufacturing & assembly. Note that in case of Signature and Primaris designs, there will be more back and forth to obtain the final desired design.

  6. You'll be notified when assembly is completed. You can come for fitting and pick-up at our boutique in Curepipe or we can send it by Express Registered Post (fitting is not possible).

  7. If there is any issue, it'll be rectified accordingly at the earliest. Our job is done when your watch is on your wrist. We'll get back to you for a review and a follow-up at a later date.

How much does the watch weigh?

It weighs on average 120 grams (with 18 beads). The weight is evenly distributed throughout the watch with the stainless-steel case, straps and the gemstone beads. This ensures it remains comfortable even for long-duration.

Are all the gemstones similar? What’s the size?

Since they are all-natural stones, each bead has a unique variation such that no two beads will look exactly the same. Any bead in our 150 Stone Collection is 10 mm or 8 mm in diameter.

Are the beads all-natural gemstones?

The majority of our beads are natural or treated gemstones. We do not use any imitation stones in our watches unless it is requested by the client. Kindly message us if you have any other queries regarding our stones.

How reliable is the elastic core?

Since November 2020, we no longer use the elastic core but a stainless-steel core along with our improved propriety strap design featuring a butterfly clasp.

What is the difference between a signature and normal design?

A signature design is made only once and involves complex manufacturing & assembly processes (dial cutting, strap carving and stone placing). All designs shown are prepared in-house. Also, all designs are used only once for a specific color theme. And only 5 color themes are made per design. Stones used are taken from our premium & rare collection, our most prized stones.

Normal design involves less complex processes. Designs are not restricted to future customers and engraving designs can be used multiple time by various customers. While we don't recommend it, same-stone arrangement is not restricted.

Is International shipping supported?

No, at the moment, we only operate in Mauritius. International Shipping coming soon !

My wrist is hairy , is there any issues regarding comfortability?

If you have never worn a watch before and this is your first time, there might be some temporary discomfort which should last a few days. After which, everything should be better. Get back to us if the issue persists.

If you have any other questions, let us know at founder@amalgamwatches.com , because you're special.

Returns & Refunds policy.

Due to the nature of our business activities of making highly custom-made products, we cannot process order cancellations without time & resource loss within our company. As such, we humbly ask not to place any order unless you're confident in completing your purchase. That being said,

You are entitled to cancel your order within 3 days from the date you made the purchase on our online shop without giving any reason for doing so.

The deadline for canceling an order is the date & time you confirm your watch design & arrangement.

In order to exercise your right of cancellation, you must inform us of your decision by means of a clear statement.

You can inform us of your decision by e-mail founder@chironbiometric.consulting

We will reimburse you no later than 30 days from the day on which we receive the refund request. We will use the same means of payment as you used for the order, and you will not incur any fees for such reimbursement.

Returns will not be accepted except for adjustment and repairs.

Conditions for returns:

Our watches cannot be returned because the supply of goods made to your specifications or clearly personalized. However, returns for size adjustments are possible. The cost will be covered by the client. Repairs resulting from manufacturing defects will also be covered.

We reserve the right to refuse returns of any merchandise that does not meet the above return conditions at our sole discretion.

Returning Goods

You are responsible for the cost and risk of returning the goods to us. You should send the goods to the following address:

AMALGAM Watches Co. Ltd
81, Jerningham Street, Curepipe, Mauritius

We cannot be held responsible for goods damaged or lost in return shipment. Therefore, we recommend an insured and trackable mail service. We are unable to issue a refund without actual receipt of the goods or proof of received return delivery.


If the goods were marked as a gift when purchased and then shipped directly to you. You will need to ship it back to us. Once the returned product is received, we will make the required changes before sending it back to you.

If the goods weren't marked as a gift when purchased, or the gift giver had the order shipped to themselves to give it to you later, we will send the refund to the gift giver.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about our Returns and Refunds Policy, please contact us by e-mail founder@chironbiometric.consulting