Boutique - apple straps

Starting from Rs 2950

Custom-Made Strap

The strap is designed as per your color preference and taste. Engravings & premium stones and silver trinkets can be added. Delivery time, 1-3 days after order confirmation (depending on order volume). Order confirmation will be done on WhatsApp.

Rs 3900 (including premium stones & engraving)

Blue Arabesque Strap

A silver-blue combination featuring arabesque engraving. Stones used: Angelite, Dumortierite, Rutilated Quartz and Blue Agate (10 mm and 8 mm)

Rs 4300 (including premium stones & engraving)

Black Pink V1.0

A black and fading pink stone arrangement. Arabic style pattern engraving adorn the strap. The stones used are Silver Obsidian, Strawberry Quartz, Clear Quartz and Blue Phantom Quartz. (8mm only)

Rs 6700 (including premium stones and engraving)

The Golden Seal V1.0

One of our epic signature watch, the Cosmic Gemini. Designed on two plates for a special someone, the lower level contains an intricate engraving of the Gemini sign and the upper plate expresses the starry cosmos. The name of the wearer is also added, Darsh. A cosmic thread binds the design together by being engraved on both plates.